West Ham United supporters are quick to turn on their team when things aren’t going well, according to a source at the club. Despite having key players back from injury and West Ham operating on a full squad, the Hammers have been in poor form this month.  Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney’s eighth minute wonder goal in Saturday’s 2-0 defeat was all it took to knock the home side for six and mark ‘game over’ in the eyes of the fans. A source at West Ham told FootballDirectNews.com: “We don’t have anyone out injured so this is our strongest squad at the moment.
That spectacular first Rooney goal put the team on a wobble and I think the players knew at that point that they couldn’t win. ” Football fans can be a fickle bunch of people, with West Ham supporters no exception. Our source explained that the club supporters get frustrated when the team is not playing well, making defensive errors that lead to early goals being conceded. The Man United defeat was West Ham’s third consecutive Premier League loss, taking fans to a new level of frustration, despite having won the previous four. He said: “The problem with West Ham fans is that they can either be really enthusiastic and good for the team, or they can go completely the other way.

“They can be turned easily, especially if the team concedes and early goal. “They like to play good football and when the team plays rubbish football like they did against Man United, the fans get frustrated.   They were spitting feathers on Saturday.

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