New Charlton boss Jose Riga will adopt a scientific approach in attempting to steer the club away from relegation by using CogiTraining.  The little known known Belgian – who has replaced sacked Chris Powell – used to manage Standard Liege but more recently has been working with the AC Milan academy where he has been using his innovative approach to maximise performance levels on the pitch.
Riga helped found the CogiTraining technique, which was endorsed to some extent when Jose Mourinho allowed him to train Real Madrid’s players for a week when he was boss there.

Whether the UEFA Pro Licence coach will get the opportunity – or time – to introduce his ideas when Charlton are stuck at the bottom of the Championship remains to be seen.
The idea behind Riga’s training concept, which is based on extensive brain research, is to enhance the “rhythm, timing, spacing and exceptional technical and mental skills” of players.
The method allows initially normal players to “internalise the essential ingredient of modern football, that is: speed of vision, speed of decision-making, speed of execution” that is achieved through understanding and improving the workings of the brain.