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Michu: "Lloris clash will change nothing"

Michu: "Lloris clash will change nothing"

by Harry Sherlock

20th December 2012 2:48pm GMT


Swansea City striker Michu insists he will not change his playing style, despite sustaining a head injury against Tottenham Hotspur last week.

The Spaniard was floored towards the end of Sunday’s 1-0 defeat at White Hart Lane following a sickening clash with Spurs goalkeeper Hugo Lloris.

The collision left the 26-year-old motionless on the turf, but Michu has assured Swans fans he will be committed to every challenge when the team host Manchester United this weekend.

He said: "It was a big collision between me and Lloris.

"We both went after the ball and it was unfortunate for me that he just got there first. I was in pain - I had a headache until Tuesday - but it was no-one's fault.

"I am a player who wants to win the ball and if that means getting hurt in the process then that's fine.

"If the opportunity arises again this Sunday against Manchester United I will go through it again; I won't be pulling out of any challenge like that because I want to score for my team."

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