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Blast away your bingo wings in just six weeks

Blast away your bingo wings in just six weeks

by Suzanne Kerins

23rd November 2012 1:15pm GMT


Almost 75 per cent of British women are most unhappy with their upper body – and men also share this body image fear too.

Slendertone, the expert in muscle toning, can help you achieve firmer, toned arms with Slendertone Arms Accessory. This device conditions biceps and triceps in the upper arm, helping to strengthen and define arms in six weeks.  Just using the new premium Slendertone Arms Accessory for 10-20 minutes, five times a week will help arms become visibly toned.

During clinical trials, conducted by Slendertone and the University of Limerick, participants, who used it five times a week over a six-week period found:

  • 89% of users reported their arms were more defined
  • 72% reported that their arm muscles were firmer

Available for men, with orange detailing toning biceps and triceps, and women with purple detailing toning the triceps.

It’s available at Boots and other retail stores for £39.99